That was absolutely fabulous. I put that book down as a very happy bunny. Loved the storyline, loved the characters. It was just an overall fabulous book.
When Lorien was attacked and destroyed by other aliens, they deployed nine youngsters to Earth in case they are ever able to travel back to their home planet one day. Each given a number, and they cannot be hurt out of order. But with numbers one, two and three all hunted and killed, we follow number four. Moving around and changing identities frequently, Four wants to start making friends and having a life. But with his own life just becoming even more in danger, living as John Smith has become even harder.

This idea was so fresh! Well fresh to me anyway. I was absorbed by Four’s whole worlds, intrigued by the backstories and fell in love with his legacies. I kind of made me want to be a chosen one, regardless of the whole ‘seek to be murdered’ thing. And I absolutely loved the fact that at no point did I stop and say ‘Gah, just carry on!
The writing soaked me in straight away, I was attached immediately. I was genuinely excited to be telling people that I was reading ‘I am Number Four’ and even as reading urged them to pick it up too. Whilst the stomach butterflies were absent, I was still impressed with the quality of this novel.
I honestly thought ‘Pittacus Lore’ was amazing. The pseudonym is genius, really adds awesomeness to the book. It may be perceived as cheesy, but I just loved it. Added to the essence of believability. I don’t know why bur I was sucked into Four’s life, and the facts presented so clearly I didn’t even question the fact that I didn’t think it was believable. Extra terristrals, not usually my thing, but this book MADE it my thing. Even if just for this book solely.
I adored Four as a character. So likeable and sort of relatable (ha, who am I trying to kid?!) but I genuinely felt attached to him. And maybe that is why I thought Sarah and he were cute together. His narrative was fabulous, I felt well informed and continuous entertained. And I like that. However, the next book I hear is multi narrative, which may prove how much Four’s narrative made me love the book.
Annnd, I am pretty excited to source out the film, although reviews suggest different. But we will wait and see. And Alex Pettifer, well I don’t mind. Even if I can’t place him as Four.
A brilliant book, if I don’t say so indeed.
I am now on the lookout, a search for ‘The Power of Six’. It had better be as awesome as this one! Because this left me saying ‘I WANT LEGACIES’.


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