Ahh. Man did I just eat that up. Like the others it was such a beauty. I adored it, could not stop reading it. My love for the Lorien has just expanded even more, if that is possible and it has stirred more feelings than the others. Man, this is starting to become deeper.

They have found each other. They have fought the Mogadorians.  They came out alive but they didn’t win. They need more training, they need to find Sam and they need to find Five.
Ah, as usual I found this book incredibly hard to read. I zoomed through it, eating up everything and I cannot decide if it is down do the writing or just overly fabulous storyline.
I think I am definitely preferring the Garde all together. Whilst, I liked the process of finding one another, the training together and the chemistry between the group is absolutely fantastic. I love the retorts between all of them (once Five arrives I am not so sure) but it is great to see the transformation.
I AM SO HAPPY THAT SAM IS BACK. I missed him and his character is the previous book so imagine my excitement to wake up to his narrative. And I like that his father was brought back.
I adore that there was less focus on Sarah and John this time. I didn’t have to read about whining which was a blessing in disguise. As for Marina’s and Eight’s development was absolutely adorable. I lived the adventure of Chicago, a convenient reminder that they aren’t American and I really appreciated that. But it meant I actually felt something in the swamp rather that my usual *yes, another death!*
There is much more depth and dimension to this story,  no longer the straight ‘ Us against Them’. Whilst an interesting twist I am still not sure how I feel about it. However, I am glad my dislike for Five was verified, I was not just getting annoyed for no reason.
This book, a beaut like the rest. And am still perplexed why it does not have a stronger fan base. But I am here, AND I AM PROUD. Lorien Legacies, I still adore you.


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