SIX’S LEGACY (The Lost Files #1)

Managed to get my hands on The Lost Files and continuing my love for the Lorien Legacies I eagerly read Six’s Legacy whilst on my break at work. And I now love Six on a much greater level; the awesome, strong-willed, butt-kicking heroine that she is.


It’s the story of before Six came to John’s rescue at Paradise High School.
About the time when she still had Katarina, travelling through West Texas. It explains how Six became the warrior she is today.

I was a little bit gutted when I was reading this. Not because of the writing, oh no that was still as awesome as ever, but more because this story had pretty much been established within ‘The Power of Six’ and therefore I did not really feel like I was reading anything too fresh. Especially when she was captured in the motel, and Katarina’s death.

Saying that, I did find some details really interesting. I liked the beginning and the in depth training that Six had. It showed her strong willingness from early on, and also clarified that she was well-trained even before she had to fend for herself. I did love how I could tie in parts where certain times are described by other narratives previously though, such as the anonymous blog post. I felt like I was broadening my own knowledge of the Lorien myself. And I tell you, I felt pretty awesome about that.

I really liked reading about how she developed her invisibility legacy, and how she was tested whilst staying alive in the cave. That capped my interest. The escape was pretty magnificent to read about. I understood how John and Nine escaped together but could not really picture Six doing it herself. It was well explained and with the added vengeance, I liked that part, it certainly lived up to what I expected. It seemed more personal than some of the other fighting in the actual books, which I think I preferred.

I would however, liked to have  read more about her life on run, once she escaped. That was the part that really intrigued me as it is brushed over in the book.

So, whilst some part felt like it was just covering aspects which had already been covered, others led to more detail emerging and a better explanation of why Six  is like what she is. Which makes me prefer her as a character much, much more.

NINE’S LEGACY (The Lost Files #2)

Expanding my Lorien knowledge even further, I read Nine’s legacy. And whilst I was not as interested in it as Six’s and the books themselves, I still found it interesting. A great insight into Nine’s life before  being captured.

The story of Nine’s time before being rescued by John and Sam. About their what led them to setting up life in plain sight. The struggles Nine faced whilst in Chicago and the events that led to his capture by the Mogadorians.

I don’t know. For some reason I did not find this legacy as interesting. It did not capture my imagination as it should have done. I did not feel intrigued by Ne’s story, I could not engage with it and I can not quite put my finger on why. Maybe because Nine isn’t my favourite character, I am only beginning to like him more the longer he spends with the Garde. So, perhaps his personality grates on me. Saying that, I think Sandor is one of the more interesting Cepans, his view maybe less relaxed and I liked that. Shame his character was not expanded more.

I don’t think I could quite cope with Nine’s self pitying in Chicago. Lonely moping puts me off a bit and I think that irritated me. Especially as I felt the pace pick up and I got more excited when he was in captivity and found some sort of strength. The pace initially brought issues too. I felt like there was a hell of a lot of time spent on Nine’s feelings and therefore the ending was rushed a bit. I would have loved to read more about his time in captivity, and sorry too be punny but it captivates me when reading.

I got bored with the whole ‘world fell apart for a girl thing too’. Whilst different I suppose, I got bored of Nine’s reaction.It turned me off a bit, especially how in depth it went. More action, less date next time please!

So, whilst it was not my favourite book/novella of the series, I do not completely hate it, regardless of how this ramble may sound. I liked it once they were captured, liked that Sandor ran whilst Nine was imprisoned, just felt the events before were too strung out and not my favourite topics to read about *ahem, lovelorn teenager*.


Well. Whilst that was not what I was expecting, it was still pretty damn good. An interesting, and the more I think about it clever approach, fitting in with narratives rather than backtracking on what has already been written. And I have a better understanding of Adam now, exciting me for the next book.


The other legacies have been told and explored. But what happened to the Garde before, who caused the scar on the other’s ankle.This is their legacy and how the found themselves in danger.

I had really hoped it had been from three perspectives. To see how three other Gardes, ones in more impending danger coped with Earth life. I think that is what most intrigues me about the more Gardes that emerge, but sadly I was not greeted with this. I was really surprised to open up to Adam’s voice. I had to check I was reading the right book. And to hear him sound so pro-Mogadorian I was in disbelief. Surely this was not the story I was meant to be reading. But, this I suppose was a genius on the author’s behalf. Not only did I learn why Adam helped Sam’s dad, hence wiping out scepticism, it also allowed for a better flow of story, with one narrative throughout.

I thought was pretty awesomely executed for the capture of One, who’s name kept annoying me as I kept reading it as one. But I liked the change in Adam’s thought process, and still see the personality of One as she remains with him. There were similarities to her and Four’s story, the romance elements annoyed me a bit, but it was still interesting to read about.

I felt a bit gutted as I thought that Two and especially Three’s story was brushed over. Sort of rushed in favour of exploring the Mogadorian relationship and competition between Adam and Ivan. But I just wanted to read how Two and Three had adjusted and survived, and whilst they were mentioned it was not explored in detail. It made me feel a little cheated. I understand it was hard to connect all, but still. I still do not really have great grasps. It was all rushed a little too quickly. Shame.

Saying that, I found the approach clever, and enabled the weaving of just one narrative and keeping a continuous narrative. So, I can expect to hear from Adam in the next book. Maybe more detailed Legacies from those who had fallen next time, from their own perspective maybe. Just to satisfy my own selfish need as it was not fully with this. But it was still pulled together nicely and addressed an impending important character.

THE SEARCH FOR SAM (The Lost Files #4)

Needed some relaxation after this morning, so sort out to find the next Lorien Legacies; The Search for Sam. Although I thought I may get fed up listening to Adam and the Mogadorians, I am actually pretty enjoying filling in the gaps.I feel so excited and in the know.


Following on from The Fallen Legacies, it carries on Adam’s journey in completing the unthinkable and defying his own kind. Left for dead in Africa, in his mind One helps him recover and persaudes to fight with the Garde. But how, when an entire race is aginst him?

I did not think the name for the novella was very apt to be honest. I was expecting to hear an entire story about Sam, definitely one of my favourite characters, instead the search was only really addressed in the last part.So, whilst I liked seeing Adam transform, a better title would be nice so than I am not disappointed by lack of characters.

I did like that it picked up immediately after ‘The Fallen Legacies’.The flow and development of Adam becoming who he is in ‘The Fall of Five’ is an interesting one. I really liked the relationship between him and One, and half hoped that she would stick around to meet the other Gardes. Towards the end of the book, it was being treated like he is the new ‘One’. Like a lot of other elements within the book I thought it was rushed. Almost like too much to fit within one hundred and forty pages. Whilst his time in Africa felt long, the development of One and Adam sufficient, I felt the others rushed. From the decision to leave, to being experimented on again felt like it whizzed past. I would have absolutely loved to read more about his time in the Media centre. I found that incredibly interesting and loved that infuriated the others.

I would have liked to see a change in other Mogadorians, rather than just Adam. Perhaps, change the mind of Kelly as I felt that all Mogadorians were portrayed in the same way. Yes, I understand they are there to be hated, but the introduction of Adam, and Five for that matter, means more dimensions must be explored. I thought that there may be more to Dr Zakos, transform into one of the protagonists, but no. Hey, maybe I am jumping too far ahead and he appears in the next book. I mean, he did not die. His experiments would have been awesome to explore too, with the other Greeters, but maybe I am just asking too  much.

From this though, I have really started to like Adam more and more. I do miss the Garde’s narratives though.

Maybe there was too much crammed into this one novella. From Adam’s ultimate change of heart, to bringing down the Washington base, finding Malcolm and saving Samit was so busy. A lot was brushed over that I would have like to have read more. And the title, misleading until the end. But I adored that it filled gaps and constantly remained in the know I loved it.


Ooh. This was different, but a really refreshing novella. Exploring a Cepan’s life before the fall of Lorien was incredibly interesting. I feel my knowledge has expanded even more and thoroughly enjoyed reading from such a different point in the books.

This is Sandor’s story. How he came to become Nine’s Cepan,  and what really happened in the days leading up to the demise of Lorien.
Although I was wanting the Garde’s voice back, I really enjoyed this. From such a different perspective on an entirely new planet I was expecting to struggle. But no, feel right in and accepted. I think it may have been harder if it was any other rule abiding citizen but instead Sandor gave it some flavour that was really needed. The proof that although Lorien was perfect, not every was settled with that.
At no point did I just think, ‘hurry up and get on with it’ the development of his thoughts and attitudes were played in the right way and really liked his change. I love that he was made rebellious through cleverness, the way he sneaked into the club was brilliant. However, it did get a little bit anmoying with his need to ho back there just to see a girl *gah* did exasperate me a little bit. Yes, it was imperative to the narrative and she had cool legacies but maybe something other than a girl would have been better.
I really liked that Sandor was never meant to be. That he was just thrown into the role without any training as such. And the instant connection with Nine,  however hyper he is, was adorable. I would however, like to read about a ‘typical’ Cepan training as I think that would be just as interesting. I really liked the end where other Cepan’s were seen in the ship and how they coped with the loss of their beloved planet. And I adored the glimpse into little Nine and Four. More of that please!
I really liked this novella, from such a different angle and planet, gaining a greater understanding of Lorien and its inhabitants was pretty awesome. A good move.

THE FORGOTTEN ONES (The Lost Files #6)

Ah. For some reason that felt fresh and fast paced. I felt always in the koment, no slowness, just a current for me to read quickly with. And for that,  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Adam has managed to get Malcolm to Sam ans aid them escape but at the same time demolished Dulce and trapped himself inside.
Although I said I got a bit fed up with Adam in The Search for Sam,  this novella had a completely different vibe to it. Almost polar opposite to it. I felt it cotained the pace and fluidity saved for the books and drew in my excitement once more. It may be the trek across America,  or a more humanfied Adam, but there was something there that made me enjoy this a whole lot more.
I loved that he had another Mogadorian with him, it was what I had kind of hoped for. And whilst he was not completely on Adam’s side, the less harshness was another refreshing sight. To see someone not completely change viewpoint but help was pretty awesome to read about.
I loved that there was another Chimaera on the scene. The loyalty shown, and the way they are portrayed as instinctively protective could make a peeson feel warn inside. And to find other ones, I found myself cheering inside. Strange emotions were stirred.
I think it definitely helped that I knew the narrative was racing against time, perhaps that what sped me along a bit. I get the feeling this was published befoee The Fall of Five but would greatly recommend it to be read afterwards. I think effects from both would be lost reading it the other way round.
This is definitely one of the better novella, the pacing tying in so closely with that of the books. I love that it leads right with The Fall of Five narrative and definitely has made me happy.

FIVE’S LEGACY (The Lost Files #7)

Another The Lost Files insight into another part of the Lorien world. I adore reading about the legacies of all the Garde, especially ones not explored so deeply, however I would have liked a bit more detail in Five’s. Although the whole point was he had not developed any legacies and was lazy, it echoes some other origin stories and I just would have liked a bit more Five flare. Still brilliant though.


RETURN TO PARADISE (The Lost Files #8)

I am so glad. My Lorien love was extended with three more Lost Files revealed at the end of The Revenge of Seven. Beautiful short stories that enhance my Lorien knowledge wonderfully.

The Lost Files: Return to Paradise


I was so refreshing to return back to characters that had such heavily influences in the begining of the series and to see that they hadn’t been completely forgotten by the authors. This short story allowed for pathway into Mark’s thought pattern and gaining a closer insight into how he went from John-hating high school jock to Lorien- aiding ‘They Walk Among Us’ author. An aspect I hope they explore more in the next and *sob* last book.

FIVE’S BETRAYAL (The Lost Files #9)

Of course that was the question on everyone’s lips at the end of The Fall of Five. Why?? And this sort of answers it. I would just like to know more, tap into Five’s head and really understand his betrayal. But thanks for the start.



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