Ah man.
I am so happy.
That book was so good, I was carried along with all the action and  never once stopped and thought ‘come on, hurry up’. It did not fail to disappoint and that is what makes me a happy bunny!
Four and Six are on the run with Sam searching for thw others whilst evading the police, FBI and anyone else as they are deemed fugitives,  terrorists for burning down an entire school. And Marina, in Spain is keeping track of John Smith. Because she is convinced he is the same as her.

I feel straight back into their lives. Forget the four month gap, I instantly felt like I read the book like the day before. And I liked that ease. Although, it did take me a bit of getting use to with the duel narrative,  by the end of the book I was loving it and so grateful for the two view points. I felt like I was covering twice as much ground without losong anything from it.
I thought the character development was absolutely just right. The development of their kind and what they could do was amazing. And then to see Seven’s viewpoint, who had a totally different experience from Four was genius. I loved seeing how another coped! And seeing how Six had survived was pretty awesome too. They are all so different as well. Every single Garde and I liked that they were. Especially Nine. I’d love to see his character develope even more.
I really liked that the viewpoints were interweaving through the use of news stories. It meant that they were never fully separated and I liked the cohesion that it brought with it. And oh, the orbiting transmitter, where Seven’s voice was heard, for me, was brilliant. I loved it.
Although aome of the battle scenes may be a little unrealistic and usually I get bores in massive battle scenes, these kept me engaged throughout. And actually became some of my favourite part of the book. The amount of description used and the way it is presented I really liked and thought the defeats were clever, if unbelievable.
As ever, I still adore the legacies. Finding all the different powers intrigue me and I love it.
But ergh. Four and his obssession with Sarah was no longer cute but boring. I was glad of Six’s presence and Sarah’s betrayal. I knew, and was glad she turned as she was annoying me without even being present.
That ending though. Not fair,  I want to read on!
I just can not wait to pick up The Rise of Nine. And soon. I don’t know how much longer I can wait because I am officially in love with the Lorien Legacies.


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