Ah man, it just gets better and better. Less than twenty four hours after checking this baby out I have completed it. And damn, was it as good as the ones before.

Four has found Nine, but has lost Sam whilst trying to rescue his Chest from the Mogs. Six is in Spain after finding Seven and discovering a Tenth and her Cepan along the way. Four and Six had a plan to meet once they completed what they needed to do so they collaborate together and become stronger. But those they have picked up along the way have different plans. All whilst running from the Mogadorians who want to finish what they have started.
Carries straight on from The Power of Six and felt like I was right back into a world I had never left. There was hardly any awkward recaps, which annoy me terribly,  so I was glad of that . There were no gaps in the storyline and I felt like I was back with old friends.
The narrative again was awesome. I’d finally gotten the hang of switch between voices and really think that it enhanced the storyline. I like that they interlinked, and as a reader you feel empowered by prior knowledge.  I absolutely adored it. Definitely appealed to my kind of nature.
I thought Nine and Four’ relationship was hilarious. I loved that they weren’t instantly friends like everyone has occured to be. To see it blossom was a pretty funny aspect to the book that I liked. And foe Nine to have such a different personality was good, even of annoying at times.
Argh! The reintroduction of Sarah . She wasn’t as annoying (which makes sense) and I didn’t despise her as much, but I would have definitely rather of had Sam reimerge. I missed his presence in this book.
I had the same kind of feeling about Eight as I did Nine. They had pretty similar personalities so were glad they were in seperate groups. As for Eight and Seven; cute but there is no need to pair them all off! Edging towards too much love otherwise and I don’t know if I can deal with that.
I felt the ‘battle’ was squeezed on the end a little bit. Sort of rushed almost, but paved the way for the next book swiftly.
And I feek like they kept forgetting about finding Five. Felt that aspect was a tad ignored even though I kept thinking about it the entire time. But I suppose it will be addressed in the next book.
Another genuis book, I am still loving the series and cannot wait to get my hands on The Fall of Five!


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