I adore Teri Terry’s Slated series, so there was no hesitation when I snapped up her newest release: Mind Games. Although, the beautiful storytelling and suspense remained, I was not engulfed by the story itself that much.

Luna lives in a world where everyone is plugged in. Her friends, her family. Even her ten year old brother. But as a Refuser, she isnt. And because of that is shunned and judged by the rest of society. But she has a secret that means she doesn’t experience plugging in like everyone else. Yet, when she is singled out to be tested, she’s not sure how much longer she can keep that secret.
I really like the cover design. The matt black, and shiny silver really compliment each other. Top notch!
It took my a while to get used to Luna and her world. Whilst there wasn’t too much to become aquainted with, I still felt it was a little distant than I would have liked it to be. Luna herself, was a quite an interest character and I was intrigued to get to know her more but still felt there was something missing from her. Something I couldn’t quite grab.
There were so many paths this novel could have taken and when I thought it was going in one direction it would take me to another. I liked this, but a little much meant it fragmented. I was left itching to know more as I’d been left in the dark a bit.
I thought I would have adored the reference to Slated in this book, and usually I do but the need to overly explain the concept felt a little forced, and not just a slight reference. Maybe, left a bit ambiguous for the fans? It wouldn’t detract from the novel if it hadn’t had been explained.
I loved the twist at the end *spolier alert* as the absence of bodies meant it couldn’t end all rosy. A massive plus for me! And the open endedness of it left me wanting more, but at the same time I wish it had maybe been rounded a little better and not so rushed.
There were good bit, and some bits I weren’t so sure on.
I still love Teri Terry, but felt this book basked in the shadow of Slated, but didn’t quite rise to the occasion.


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