It is only once in a while that you find a book with such an interesting and diverse topic, written in a sophisticated and beautiful manner that it sticks with you for a very long time.

The event that happened in Berwick Waters, where only two children came back after three left haunting. Alice Tully is just trying to get on with her life, hold down a job. Have a loving boyfriend. But she knows exactly what happened that fateful day in Berwick Waters, she still finds it hard to believe. But now her past is threatening to destroy her new life.

I honestly devoured in one day of sunbathing, I was mesmerised by the storyline, the uniqueness, intensity and delicacy in which it was handled. The topic was interesting from the beginning, and rather than being gruesome or avoid the topic altogether, it made it intriguing whilst seeing the other side was clear.

The structure of the novel and how it panned out was done so cleverly, I was really impressed. It was no typical mystery novel, and the way in which the event occurred and uncovered made reading the novel such a pleasure. No drag whatsoever. I was just flipping the pages so fast, wanting to know where I was being taken next.

And my oh my, the emotions behind it. It was not what I expecting. The empathy that Cassidy draws out from the reader was raw. I did not expect that at all. Regardless of the event, this unique twist is what made me adore the presentation of this book.

Although it is fiction, I think this is an amazing book for anyone to pick up, and giving insights that are forgotten.

Without a doubt, it has working it’s way onto my firm favourites pile.

Just pure love.


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