Oh my god.
That book was so powerful, captivating and raw. I was in no way expecting that. I was engaged in every moment of the book. A fitting and worthy sequel to the mind-blowing Looking for JJ.

Kate is settled down in Exmouth, with a summer job ready for her third year of her degree. However, with constant meetings, her past is attached more closely than she would like. Unable to shake the nagging of Jennifer Jones, Kate seeks out to change that.
The tone for this novel remains pretty similar to that of Looking for JJ, yet the events and positioning are very different. But this different is good. This different is one that compliments the novel itself, attaching to its great parent but also allowing it to venture off on it’s own and making it’s own stance. A very clever, and well thought out move from Cassidy. I am very impressed as a reader.
This novel was completely captivating from the beginning. No sort of reintroduction, which I adore, and left to the reader to make decisions about the character. Moulded in a way that this novel could be a stand alone if the reader did not know of the subsequent novel. Yet, at the same time still remains attached for continuity and those that want to see JJ’s life further.
Again, I adored the topic, and the new paths it was taken on. A fresh reminder. Kate as a character was wonderful. I loved how she presented, and had grown and been shaped by Looking for JJ. So interesting a dynamic. I loved reading about her. I wanted to read more!

I just can not believe how good that book was. A sequel that rose to the challenge. It was so interesting and captivating.

This book has definitely had an impact on me! Anne Cassidy, please write more books like this!


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