Ah, as expected I was carried beautifully through this book by just the simply wonderful writing alone. I did not struggle to carry on reading at all and it did not feel like a five hundred page book. Cat Clarke, you’ve done it again. I love your writing.

Jem is in love with her best friend. Only problem is that he is gay. And when viciously outted he takes his own life, leaving Jem lost, lonely and bent on revenge to those that hurt him the most.
I honestly can not get over how beautifully written this book is. Like the previous novels I had read by Clarke I did not struggle with any of it. Not one point did I huff or puff that it was taking too long. I was taken on a journey that just made me want to read and read and read.
The beginning felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt emotionally drained, and have not felt like that whilst reading a book in such a long time. It was pretty powerful. And whilst this effect worn off after I got about a third through, the ending made sure I was starting to feel the same way again. And that is a pretty big feat.
I liked the pretense of novel. The idea was really really intriguing, and was carried well at the beginning. And whilst it did not drag but I was not impressed by the whole infultrating the popular crowd. I felt the turn was not so much a bad move, but I would have liked to see it not be so stereotypical. But, it was carried off in a way that I did not get annoyed. But I started to dislike Jem less and less because of it and felt that maybe it took away from the issue at the forefront.
Additionally I knew the perpetrator way in advance, like half way through the book. Call it intuition. But that didn’t stop me from taking pleasure in this wonderful novel.
And the lay out of letters. I liked that it added depth to the book even more and aided the narrative. Pretty awesome take.
This book, written so beautifully I can ignore the stereotypical turn in the middle. I was kept constantly engaged and emotionally exhausted. And book I can not stop thinking about.

Cat Clarke, brilliant.


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