I was really looking forward to this book. I absolutely adore Cat Clarke and her writing so was too excited to have my hands on this little gem. Whilst the beginning was just as brilliant as I anticipated, the end veered off in a way that I did not find too pleasing.

Alex and Kate meet online and their attraction is instant. Kate finds Alex funny, good looking even if a little shy and Alex can’t help but fall for Kate who is attractive, charming yet somewhat naive. As their romance blossoms, one of them is hiding a secret. One that will not only ruin their relationship, but maybe even their lives too.

The premise of this book sounds so wonderful and mystery, definitely a dead-cert for Cat Clarke magic. It jumps straight into the meaty action, no flimsiness about establishing lives. A great trait throughout all of Cat Clarke’s work that I enjoy. Have the details later. This worked wonders for the storyline in the book. Unravelling identities, I sped right through two-thirds of it immediately.

I thought the way both Alex and Kate were portrayed were wonderful. Completely different both in personality and traits, yet fitted together. Characterisation craftsmanship right there! Their backgrounds were interesting, as were they.

However, when it came to the pivotal twist, I felt it flat, yet over the top at the same time. I was not expecting it, at the same time felt that so much more could be done with the narrative. As if all characterisation had been wiped away. And that made me regretful about the final pages. I don’t know if I wanted a happy resolution or what. Usually I don’t,, but this time I was left unsatisfied.

Cat Clarke, I still adore your work. And although started off amazing, I just don’t think this is your finest piece of work.


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