That was much better than expected! I didn’t expect to be so engaged or entertained the entire time but instead I was sucked into another world only to be spat back out once I closed the last page.

Abby has her life set and planned. She knows exactly how she is going to get into university without a hitch. However, she finds herself waking up in alternate realities most day, due to a single life changing decision made on that day the year before.
The storyline was depicted so well, I was incredibly impressed. I thought it might have been similar to Pivot Point as the story sounded similar but the more intermittent interventions led for a much more engaging read.
The writing also made it easy for me to glide through and had a wonderfully smooth pace. At no time did I get lost, and which I was particularly impressed by because of the amount of times the storyline altered. I was absolutely sucked in, so much so it took me a minute or so right after to gather my bearings. Such a strange and surreal feeling!
I really liked the characters created by Miller. They were different from each other, each with sparky personalities. I even felt myself whisper ‘no’ at the decisions had been made and to capture me with characters like that is pretty damn special.
I must admit it did take me a while to get into, but once I was I was trapped in an engaging and different alternate world.


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