I think I am about to explode. It is midnight (well at the time I am typing this, it is getting at the later time due to lack of internet and work) I am in bed and I am so annoyed! No, it is not that Slated disappointed me. Far from it. It is the fact that I cannot go and purchase Fractured (that is right, purchase! Honestly I want to read it so bad!) for another 9 hours at least. With an ending like that, Teri Terry is killing me!

A dystopian novel  set 50 years from now, young criminals/terroristS, under the age of 16 can have a new slate. Literally. And for Kyla, that is case. She is given a second chance by being Slated. Her memory wiped and a chance to start all over again, abiding by their rules. No memories, just new starts. But for Kyla, echoes of her past remind her that she once was someone else. And that abiding by the rules isn’t always the best thing. Perhaps the Slating, her innocence, isn’t the key to the truth.

Oh my giddy aunt. This book just got better and better. At the beginning I wasn’t overly excited about reading it, just another book I picked out of the library. But by the end, oh how wrong I was. First off set in London. British book = awesome! The idea, so original. I was shocked. I was like ‘she can’t do that, oh damn, she has!’ Man it was a rollercoaster, especially towards the end. A rollercoaster I’d happily ride a million times.

I think it may be because the setup was a bit slow, I did take some time to get into the swing of things. But then again, what an awesome was to adjust to Kyla’s character. Understand how she felt. Experiencing the world as you first see it; such an epic angle. All the back story, you provided. Tying it up with current events. Genius! I could relate to the story a whole lot more, and I just love it when it is that little bit more believeable.

I loved all the characters too! Kyla, she is so different in such a good way. Not wimpy, or confident and cocky either. She knows when to abide by the rules to makes sure she survives but has an increasing fire in her belly. That last chapter? I can not wait to see how her character develops. In the end I wasn’t just reading about Kyla, I could feel her. I was Kyla. And that is what utterly amazing writing should do. Ben, he was cute and portrayed in just the right way for the way that he ended up. I wasn’t too attached but I still felt there was a direction for Kyla and him. And I love how nothing is ever fully concluded. The development of Mum; the more she spoke, the more I loved her. She is definitely an awesome, and unexpected character. It was great. I even had a pang of sadness, the *oh no* even though I kind of expected it when it came to Phoebe and her fate. And I put that down to brilliant writer skills.

I got caught up on the story, and element I love and couldn’t predict where it was going next. Although, there had better be some more answers in Fractured, because too many more open ended plots and there will have to be some answering to be doing!

Regardless, that thrill I got after reading Divergent, The Hunger Games, Uglies? Oh man, please apply it right here. It is a feeling I adore! The bubbling at the pit of your stomach when you know you have just put down a mind blowing book in the most awesome way possible. Teri Terry, you have achieved that for me! Just why did you let me finish at midnight? Why cause me the pain of not being able to get Fractured until the next day. Oh, the pain!

But seriously guys. I mean it. Slated rocked my world. It better have rocked yours!


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