I think I may have peed my pants. That is how excited I am about this series. Seriously guys. I mean it. I have finished Fractured and forgot how excited I was about Divergent. No word of a lie, these two books have blown it out of the water. I mean high into the sky, tidal wave aftershock. Slated, Fractured. You are the bee knees. You are reading gold. You give me thrills that no other has quite reached. I think I want your babies.

Kyla has started to remember who she is, who she was. A Slated who can defend herself without harm. Surely that isn’t right. She knows that the Lorder oppression isn’t right, she wants to be free. She wants to find Ben, know what happened to him. With her conflictions, her regaining memories and dangerous firgure from her past, only Kyla can tell herself what is right and what is free.
This book is sexy in so many ways, it seduces me, pulls me close and woos me with it’s beautiful words. The way it is written, so fluid. It gets me. It is the way I want to read without skipping. I am not bombarded with words that fall irrelevant. It is a breeze to read, I just wanted to carry on *sobs* I wish I could. Weaving throughout events, it didn’t give me too much time to think, I just read and read like there is no tomorrow. It was beautiful.
The alluring eyes of the storyline. Damn, I am actually so jealous. I wish I had thought of it! A dystopia one can almost taste, so real but so distant at the same time. It seriously was believable. I was trying to guess, and sometimes I got to the tip of it, when *wham* twists and turns that blind side you from no where. Plot line gold, baby! And when I thought I got a grip on one bit of the story, another thread would unravel. I’d be like ‘whhhaaatt’. The thread that kept me reading. Reading so quick I couldn’t savour and draw out reading this genius for as long as possible.
I loved the development of Kyla though. At the end, after everything I thought was brilliant. The way I wanted her to be throughout the entire book! My gut instinct told me to be wary about Nico. It screamed at her when she trusted him the most. The fire in my belly that wanted her see the truth. The truth that is saw but didn’t care because what I was reading was awesome anyway! I love Dr Lysander. She was such an awesome character, I felt like she took the place of Sandra Davis in this book to be honest. Especially as I felt the role as Mum was lost a bit here.
And dangling Ben throughout. A reminder, and no lost connection between the book. I enjoyed that. I’d forget about him, engrossed in another part of Kyla’s life. Then, hit with the reminder. Keeping ties together, I like.
Although, the introduction of Cam. Not another potentially hot guy. They just fall into her lap. Gah! One wasn’t even cold yet and bam! Another rocking up on her doorstep. So not fair. And then Katran. Oh, what yeah. He’s ANOTHER guy. This girl is just a magnet. And the only aspect (and only as an afterthought) that frustrated me with Fractured. And Tori annoyed me too. Although that may be because she annoyed Kyla.
Not loving these cliff hangers though, Teri (I love them really, just frustrate me as I want to carry on reading forever!). Fractured wasn’t as bad as Slated though. At least there was some closure here.
These two books, this fabulous series, beautiful writer have taken over my life. Created a new love for me that has a firm hold. For me, one of the greatest dystopian books I have read. Wait, books in general. It seriously is that good! Teri Terry, you are a spectacular author. I really mean it. I’m just so sad that I have to wait until next year for Shattered *sad times*
So guys, do not wait. Trust me one this, grab these books and enlighten your lives forever


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