I dedicated a whole day to the final installment of the Slated trilogy. I was so excited to read this baby, and whilst I felt the started a bit slow, I totally devoured the rest of the book and loved the twists at the end. I feel drained by it and am pretty devastated that I have finished one of my favourite trilogies ever.

Kyla is now relying on the help from her friends in MIA after violent past manipulated her. She is still not sure who to trust, she just has to stay in hiding and not be seen. She is desperately still trying to seek out who she is, but those secrets could cause her even more trouble than she is now.
Ah, I’d forgotten how much I adored these books. The plotline, the characters and the immense twists in them are absolutely priceless. It was just everything I loved came back to me once I opened the pages and it was so beautiful.
I liked that it jumped straight into the story, no faffing with reminding us who, what and where. It felt awesome, as I was already informed and did not need to go over an excess detail. I felt valued as a reader for being in the know, and not treated like I am an idiot. Loved it.
Pace started to build up again until they got to Keswick. And man, was a lot of time spent there. The book slowed down a lot, to mimick the lifestyle that Kyla was meant to have there, but I feel the ambiance of the series was lost. A greay chunk of the book remained there, with little action that needed me to read fast. And for that I felt it was a the time spent there was a bit too long to be necessary. Saying that, I loved the way Kyla acted woth Stella and their jaunty relationship. I loved how it built and unveiled. The pace definitely picked up once the twists unravelled and I gorge happily once more.
The novel was definitely at it’s best when there was action to be had. I felt I read it faster and happier when anything could happen at any moment. I think that Terry’s writing style really allows that to happen and another reason why I love these books.
As usual the characters were fabulous. I think I will always love the way Kyla is, she is portrayed so awesomly, the struggles she has woth herself make her real. I thought all the characters introduced were well thought out, and loved that other characters were never forgotten. And for Ben’s fate, in the epilogue, I adore that that is what happened to him. It makes me happy, even if it shouldn’t.
Whilst I would probably say it lacked something that the first two books had I still utterly adored Shattered. It’s twists were still incredible, even if it did take me a while to get to them, but I am still incredibly content with the outcome. Even if I am sad it is over and I read it so quickly. SLATED, FRACTURED AND SHATTERED I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.


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