Hmm. I was pretty impressed with this story. I felt engaged throughout,  did not really disagree with anything proposed and felt there was a good degree of mystery throughout the entire novel. Kim Harrington, book well read.

Jade has moved to a new school, in a new town but she does not mind being the new girl. However, when everyone starts talking behind her back she soon discovers her new house is the same one the most popular girl school died in last year, Kayla Sloane. And when Kayla starts appearing to Jade’s younger brother and messing with Jade, Kayla is not just seeking vengeance but the truth too.

The first thing that caught my eye was the front cover and how beautiful it looked. The greens and the yellow enhance the wonderful image. And the typography of the title is absolutely stella.  However, the name of the book was not very attractive at all. Although intriguing I though a much better title could have been thought of to set of the wonderful cover.

I really liked the way the story was written. It was simple and effortless, and felt like I was being breezed through it. I found it so easy to read and just kept carrying on and think it was a contributing factor to me finishing the book so quickly.

Additionally, the plot line and story were pretty captivating. I felt engaged throughout and there was no point I really thought, ‘hurry up’. Each piece contributed to the storyline wonderfully. I adore that it was a mystery, especially one that kept me guessing through the entire novel. I felt involved and I really enjoyed it. I mean, I did not guess who it was until two third throughout the story and was proud that I guess just before it was revealed. However, it did feel the ending was a bit rushed and clichéd.

I did like Jade’s character, and her gemstone collection, I thought it was interesting. And Colby was adorable. Whilst I did like Donovan and Kane, I felt a tad frustrated at the typical two guys after the new girl storyline. But it could be just be me. But hey.

I really did enjoy this book. I felt intrigued throughout and liked that I was kept guessing until the end. I expected it to be a bit clichéd and was pleasantly surprised by it.


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