I’ve been wanting to read this for so long, and now I’ve managed to finally get my hands on it and actually read it I wasn’t as impressed as I’d hope I would be.

Teen suicide has become an epidemic and the trial cure has become the Program, ‘curing’ the teens of this infection. Sloane refuses to let the infection get to her and her friends. Especially after her brother committed suicide, and her best friend was taken into the Program. But as the problems get worse, she isn’t sure how much longer she can pretend to be happy.
The whole idea and concept of the novel I thought was wonderful, yet daring at the same time. So much could be done with such a delicate topic and I feel it was lack lusture in convincing me that it completed all the potential.
To be honest I thought the whole book was pretty predictable. I kind of guessed the ending before I even opened the first page and it really upset me that it didn’t take another route. I was surprised by the memory erasal, but it lacked conviction once this had happened.
However, I did like the way it was written. The character of Sloane was a good one, and I didn’t mind following her through. I was able to get the emotional turmoil she was being put through. Saying that, a multi perspective may have been more insightful and spiced up the story a tad more. Would it have lost the air of mystery? I honestly don’t know.
The ending picked up, and I am intrigued on where Young will take it from here.
Although I felt a little let down by the book, it still made me think about it afterwards, and after reading the extract for the sequel I’m quite inclined to pick it up.


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