I’d seen this recommended so many times that when I saw it in the good old library I could not help but pick it up. And whilst it was not too bad, I haven’t got the need to rant and rave about it once I’ve completed it.

Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal, lurking in the shadows of the slums. June is the Republic’s prodigy.  Whilst June is undercover, she stumbles across Day. But June’s mission was to avenge her brother’s death. The death Day caused.
I honestly thought I would find it a lot better. But I just don’t know, I’ve walked away with no feelings at all. Which is strange, and I’m not sure a good point for the book.
I really liked the idea and concept. Not so much the attraction,  but the theory behind it. Pretty damn awesome. I just do not think it was executed to the best that it could have been. The introduction felt lomg and drawn out. And I still do not felt I learnt much from it. I was pretty interested in ‘The Trial’ but even throughout it was kept pretty much under wraps. Which was a shame. The same with the plague and the reason for Day’s state, although it will probably emerge in the next books. However,  it could have totally been addressed in this book. I just felt that it was dragged out for that reason.
It took so long for the two to meet, it frustrated me. I think what also got me was that I had inclines about the big secrets throughout and was no where neared surprised when they were actually revealed. It dulled the book down a bit for me as I got them beforehand. Which is a shame.
I did like that there was not much romance, although could their meeting get any more stereotypical. It made me actually face-palm. I did fell the ending pages was a tad damp by the inevitable kissing. But maybe it just isn’t my sort of thing. And even when the action was getting pretty good, their attraction was slotted in to remind me. I just want juicy action.  It was the only part where I was really getting into it.
Anyway, I’m afraid I am not blown away, or astounded by this book, which I really hope I would have been. Maybe I will read the next books, maybe not. I’m in no where near a hurry but wouldn’t utterly reject them.


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