Considering I left a gap between books, getting into Marie Lu’s sequel was not too bad. And whilst it had it’s ups and downs, Prodigy was actually pretty okay.

June is the considered missing by the Republic after fleeing with Day. Well, that is what the Republic was the citizens to think. She knows that she is wanted, with a reward on her head. On the run, and with Day injured, she knows she has to seek refuge soon. It just depends on what price she is willing to pay.
I adored the cover and the continuity it gave to the series. The colours are beautifully contrasting. I really like them, and the text is really cool.
Getting back into the storyline after such a long break wasn’t as hard as I thought it might have been. The reading was easy and remembering what happened was simple enough as there were hints in the narrative without constantly recapping and deflecting from the story at hand. Well weaved in.
The way it was written was easy to read, I was not lost by it. Lu writes in a way that lets the reader know and place them in with June and Day and I really like that.
There were tree parts distinctive parts to the story, each taking on a different tone. Some felt longer than others and because of this the end was kind of rushed, even though it was the most interesting part of the entire book. I just wish there was more of the ending and less of other bits.
Day and June, I quite like them. They don’t get on my nerves as much as other couples do, and the ring was a lovely gesture. I was glad they were more about doing what was right than getting in each other’s pants and that made me so happy.
I wasn’t blown away by it, but there were some really intriguing parts in the story. Champion here I come.


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