It’s over. I’ve completed it. Quite a while after I started it. But it’s done. I was pretty impressed and glad to have carried on, even if I’m still not sure how to feel about the ending.

Day is a legacy in the Republic, June a prodigy and with the Republic of America slowly rebuilding under Anden’s guidance, everything they fought for seems like it was worth it. However, a new virus has broken out in the Colonies and they blame the Republic threatening the near peace treaties and bring the Americas at war once again.
Straight in, no faffing. I really liked how it jumped in even though eight months had passed. The gap added, rather than took away.
I really appreciated the time difference as it lead for a progression of characters and their development on their own without the other’s constant need to be there. I liked to see how they had grown on their own and manage to still get on with their lives without being weak and needy for the other. Or whining about it.
I really liked to see the perceptions of the other parts of the world, it was really intriguing. I felt I could create this entire world in my head, and made the works make much more sense.
I loved Day’s prognosis purely because anything could happen and that excitement made me giddy throughout the book.
Day and June. Argh! Another unnecessary expression of love scene. AFTER I praised their relationship! I understand it is what teens want, but it didn’t particularly fit well, just kind if happened whilst I sat on the bus with my head in my hands as it did. Gah.
The ending was unsure in the writing and felt a bit watery, like everything was to br added and considered. It ciuld have been thought over a bit more and clarified.
I did however like that it was rounded off. I adored the ten years later as I could really appreciate the consequences of everything that had occurred.
This series has grown on me massively, the third book cementing that. I liked that it had a different vibe to it and didn’t feel forced. An ending well concluded.


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