What a beautiful book. Captured me from the start I fell more and more in love with it. I mean I was totally engrossed in that book that at one point I forgot I was on a train platform. Almost missed my train! A real little gem.
Lizzie, Betsy and Ella are sisters like no other. They are clones who live as one person; Elizabeth Best. One takes the morning, another the afternoon and another the evening, convincing their entire life is just one. However, when Lizzie falls for a guy she doesn’t know how much longer she keep up the single charade. Especially when she suspects their mum from hiding secrets from them.

I literally devoured this within a day. I was just so happy to carry on reading that I could. I really wanted to find out what happened. And I was I intrigued with the lives that had been formed.
The topic of clones was pretty awesome. Whenever that subject is approached it tends go be a fabulous interest of mine. And this story did not disappoint. It was a perspective that I had never come across before but I need not worry. It satisfied me sufficiently. The storyline was gripping throughout and I think that was proven through the fact I just read and read and read.
The writing was just as awesome. I just fell into their world without any awkward beginning or confusion. I was eased into a world I grasped easily. At no point did I feel the need to skip, and for that I say a well done!
Ella, Betsy and Lizzie; I thought their personalities and connect was distributes beautifully. However, I would have liked to have read from all of their perspectives as it would have been cool to see the other two’s point of view. Saying that, I thought the view from Lizzie, the need for individuality was wonderful.
Personally, I felt really wary of Sean when they confided in him and honestly thought it would all go horrible wrong. But hey ho.
I extremely liked the epilogue as well. It beautifully rounded off a fabulous book in a way that was different and not too predictable.
And the cover was pretty cool too.
So, I urge you all, pick up this book. It is awesome, you’ll all love it and I loved the author too. Cat Patrick, I am going to seek out more of books!


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  1. Pam says:

    Don’t you love a book you can’t put down? !


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