Weird, strange, mystifying and confusing. That book was like I was not allowed any air, just dangling oxygen in front of me. But to be honest, I feel kind of breathless at the end. It was thrilling, unexpected and pretty damn awesome. And that ending. Damn, even when I thought it had happened, BAM! IT CANNOT BE LEFT ON THAT!

The cover is not very enticing, the Image and colouring are not very appealing. That was until I took the picture and the metallic affect looked pretty damn awesome. The concept of the book sounded pretty appealing; I had a sort of Maze Runner/Nowhere feel and was pretty intrigued on which path of interest it took.
The beginning, I was so mind boggled by. It was so vague I just felt lost and out of my depth. I felt like it was not worked out very well. I kind of put me off a bit and I was not sure if I wanted to carry on reading it if I was fair. But I did pursue. I needed to know the reason for all the mystery. And I am glad I did.
I did not really understand the need for paintball, and the sheer amount it was used in the book. Whilst I was not bored by the scenes, which I do commend Robison on, I felt they were there a lot to pad out the book. The rest of the concepts were incredibly well thought out though. The layout and concept of the school, any questions were questioned too and loved that the ideas I kept coming up with were later unfeasible. I was constantly intrigued by their conditions, points system and running of the school I could not even begin to comprehend their reason for being there. And the concepts that I could see happening, and I did not want to, were dismissed which made me happy.
Those revelations, I loved them. The ones on pages 218, 359 and 372 I thought were genius. It has been a long tine since a revelation, let alone three have got me like that. And for that, I really do like this book.
I like the immersion of characters too, and idea of ‘gangs’. I thought I would not, but actually it enabled a lot more depth to be incorporated into the book. And I love that love was pretty much eradicated, made me happy. The last kiss made me groan a bit. But I was too excited about the revelations to care.
This book, although starting off slow because exciting, fast paced and a desperate need for me to know more. The revelations exceeded my expectations, and that last page left me screaming ‘I JUST NEED TO KNOW MORE!’


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