I really enjoyed Variant so when I saw this little beauty I did not hesitate to pick it up. Intrigued on where the plot was going I was not disappointed with this sequel.

Benson managed to escape Maxfield academy. Or so he thought. With Becky crucially injured he stumbles across a town. A town full of people he thought had died. But when even darker truths emerge, Benson struggles who to trust and try and stop Maxfield’s ever increasing hold.

Again the atmosphere created was really good and I was plonked straight back into the action. It carried straight on, and felt rewarded for reading the first book. Nothing was faffed over, or inconvenient, leaving me engaged throughout and the whole book flew by. However, in retrospect, I just felt like maybe they spent too long there. Like the entire book took place in on spot, and Robison pulled it off incredibly  well but perhaps some action could have happened elsewhere? Like a parallel narrative maybe. A lot was left to the last forty pages and felt it could have been expanded or seeped in further through, just to give a bit more variety.

I did like that the robots were explored a lot more, as that was the best twist for me, and what tipped me over into really like it. I liked that they were explained without being explained technically. The connection between the human and the android and their perspective on what happened at the fence in Variant. All very interesting to read.

What intrigued me a lot was how they managed to keep up the pretence of the escape. That Robison was able to keep me engaged and not let my mind wander. I did question how with camera that Benson was not spotted, or was that the point? There was always action without being intense and am impressed by that.

I liked the change in characters. The difference in everyone’s demeanours was significantly different and the way they acted. I do feel like I should have read this immediately after as I’d forgotten some names but luckily was conveniently reminded about their role with disrupting the flow. Benson’s struggle between Jane and Becky seemed flitting and this frustrated me but then it always does. To me, it just seemed a bit pointless when the first half of the book was perfectly fine without any romantic inclination.

I liked this read, it was intriguing and engaging through with interesting topics. A few afterthoughts here and there but overall I thought it was pulled off really well and a fitting tribute as the Variant sequel. I am genuinely shocked there is no third book though as I am left on the edge with it. Hmpft.


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