Let me tell you, this was such a good treat! I can not praise this book enough. Dealing with such a sensitive topic, it is written beautifully and effortlessly unveiled Madison’s development.

Focusing on main protagonist Madison, the novel depicts her inner most thought through her reckless regard for life. After the suicide of a fellow student, Madison’s future plans, or lack of them are thrown into turmoil and a destiny she was so determined for seeming less and less realistic. With the interference and faith of Dean Jackson, the polar opposite of Madison, her life takes a route she would never thought possible.

At first, I must admit Madison annoyed me, maybe because I found her negativity so depressing! But after persisting with reading, I was definitely glad I did. She grew on me, and I was desperate to see her turn into a butterfly. I didn’t want to throw up at the thought of the romance involved either; it was tender and I wanted a Dean of my own. The lack of abnormality that I usually seek for in a book was more than made up for in the raw emotions portrayed in the novel and was led on an emotional roller-coaster. By the end, I wanted to cry with Madison and felt her pain. I just can’t get over how good it was.

Tiffany King; you’ve made this book one of my favourites!


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  1. Pam says:

    I haven’t seen this title or author before… it looks fab though! Thanks for a great review!


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