I smile. On the inside though, so no-one can see. A secret smile just for me.

Cat Clarke, Entangled.

This quote is simple, a side to Grace that had been abandoned. An inner smile, the start of being okay. The reassurance that things may get better. And I think you have to always remember that warm smile inside. It can evaporate the darkness.
If you recognise that, you can be happy.
Sometimes, the secret smile is the best.

This book made me think, confused me, made my brain hurt. But it’s abuse to my thought process is what made me enjoy it. Challenged me with its foggy path. A depressing subject, one I do not tackle usually but I love the way it is portrayed. Definitely recommend it for a fascinating read. Need to get my hands on Cat Clarke’s other book Torn. It is meant to be just as fabulous.


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