Wow. Just wow. That was incredibly intense. I just felt myself reading it quicker and quicker until I thought I was going to explode by the last chapter. A pretty fine book if I must say so myself.
Thomas wakes up in lift, knowing only his name and nothing else. When the lift opens he is thrust into a large room, and a built up community called ‘The Glade’. Each member has had the same experience as Thomas. They ave learnt to live here, as every day try to find a way out. The Glade is surrounded by a giant maze, and at night when the doors close the half animal, half mechiancal creatures come out. Thomas trues to figure who he is, why he is there and how to escape once and for all.
Damn, that pace! I mean, I don’t think I have ever been made to read the last bit of a book so quickly in my life! It was crazy. But superbly written! Definitely the part of the book when I went, ‘yeap, I do actually really like this’. It was the pinpoint of what everything had been leading up to, and I just wanted to keep reading amd reading even after it had finished.
However, I did find it a while to get into. It was very slow at the start. Yes, you were in the same position as Thomas but it annoyed me. It could have been compressed, rather than dragging it out. Saying that, the storyline was absolutely awesome. So original. But it did frustrate me that I couldn’t guess what was going on. And annoyed me a bit that it wasn’t fully explained. I physically shout ‘gah’ when a book does that. And the language used in the glade. So, hard to get my head around. But by the end of the book, it was part of my own vocabulary.
Plus, I was so glad of no romance. Enough said.
I thought the characters were awesome. Despite being mainly male, I wasn’t put off by it. It intrigued me. I wasn’t confused or annoyed, I just read it like normal. And sometimes with male protagonists I don’t. no characters annoyed me, I just valued the position they played and added to the story. Plus, I was pretty happy about the end result, even if I didn’t want the last shock to happen *sad times*.
So, James, this book was pretty awesome. I’m glad I’ve read it, even if it is stretched into a triology when this could have been made shorter. But never mind, just get my hands on The Scorch Trials now.


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