Oh James Dashner, you. You’ve done it again. I’ve read the book, liked it but not settled on what I should think about it until the last couple of chapters which mean I HAVE to read the final book. Hmm.

Thomas and a numerous other Gladers have managed to escape the maze. Found safety at last. Or at they think. But when Teresa disappears and strangers turn up they realises the trials have only just begun.
Book number two happens immediately after number one, flows straight in and I felt it was easy for me to pick it up. However, like the last book, it could have been compressed so much!
Desert bored me. It didn’t enthrill me like the setting of the Glade. There wasn’t as much fascination and felt my mind wander whilst reading. I found myself rereading passage. Lengthened descriptions that were put in place to make the book longer. And this frustrated me. All the sequences blurred into one. A lot of action, but I felt like there could have been more variety. Repetition of feelings during the middle of the book, descriptions which could have been left out.
Regardless of my criticism, I did acty quite like it. Confusion was placed well. I was confused like the characters, and this should have annoyed me but I felt it was done with the right tone and therefore was far more engaged with the book itself.
The twists and turns in the book, boom! Although not as amazing as the first book, I still found myself sat at the edge of my seat. Or bed. And I loved that.
Another thing is, I can’t decide if I like characters or not. This may be due to the third person narrative. Which I like, although I am just waiting for Thomas to die, it separates me from the characters themselves. And I was totally drawn into the storyline and the numerous twists it took. And for that, I commend Mr Dashner. No character was fully likeable, or unlikeable and I found that an awesome aspect.
So, I have decided I need the next book to clear everything up as I was thrown into turmoil at the end. Yet again. And it had better not disappoint.


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