Oh my giddy days. Did that take me long to read, or what! But finally, many weeks after initially anticipated I have finished the final book of the maze runner and whilst there was no baited breath or eagerness to complete I’m glad to say I have read the trilogy.

The trials are over, and WICKED plan to cure Thomas and his Gliders of the ravage Flare. But Thomas remembers much more than WICKED think and knows that they cannot be trusted. So, he is on a mission for the truth. But will the truth be more dangerous?
Blooming heck, it hasn’t taken me that long to read a book in a while. I think I was starting to lose faith with it. But I didn’t, I persued and read the last two hundred and fifty pages. ( That is right, way over half the book), in bed today as I was determined to finish it before the week blew out. I still can’t decided if was just my busy life at the moment, or if I had lost faith in the series itself. I think it may have been a nit of both as there were times today when I thought, ‘come on, just hurry up and show me the end!’.
Oh dear me, did I find the storyline frustrating. I kept wanting to know more! I felt that things were half answered, and I was left out of the loop. The description overloaded the book and I missed the gripping storyline evident in the first book. I found it pretty slow, but it may have just been the way it was meant to be read, but the wasn’t what I like. Although I’m glad it tied in together, and without spoiling it brought back elements from the first book which I thought may have been forgotten. So, yay for that.
The ending, although satisfactory was kind of predictable and left TO THE VERY END. There was like fifteen pages left and I wasn’t concerned it was going to end on yet another flipping cliff hanger. The ending was soo quick I felt dissatisfied.  I did like the epilogue though.  It made me happier.
I still cannot make up my kind which characters I like and do not like. It forever changes. I’m not a massive fan of Brenda, but everyone else my opinion changes from one scene to the next. Minho, however hot headed I thought was pretty cool.
So, I’m glad to say I read it but to be honest the series could have been easily compressed and that may be why it took so long to read. But, I’m not hating it so that is a good thing


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