Hmm. I picked this up because I adored Entangled, I thought the writing was beautiful for it. So, another Cat Clarke book should mean a good read. But whilst not as good as Entangled I still enjoyed this read.

Whilst on a school trip to Scotland,  Alice is not too thrilled. Sharing a cabin with her best friend should be good had she not have to share it with Tara, the girl she hates the most and two others who she does not speak to. However, circumstances are more than bad when Tara does not make it back to school. And the deep dark secret that binds the girl haunts Alice.
I lived the writing style,  I expected nothing less from Cat Clarke. It flowed easily and I felt at no point frustrated at the book. The casual leak of information was released at consistent times and I felt this added so much to the story at hand.
The concept itself was one that seemed interesting at first,  but I believe I have started to get over the high school dramas. I found the emphasis on popularity tiresome and boring, although I was still interested in the way the girls reacted in that environment. There were some points where I did think it was a tad far fetched. The whole events of the murder and disposing of the body I questioned. But the aftermath was better portrayed.
I liked that it did not lead straight into the events of how it happened,  rather the memorial service. It gave it a better dimension and I liked that.
Whilst the characters were different and all had different characteristics,  I thought some of thw stereotypes played were unnecessary. I was shocked by the twist of Rae (that caught me good) but I did not agree with the personality she was. It just didn’t sit well and stereotyped too much. And I think Jack’s reaction was a little rushed too. But I did like the open ending. It pleased me more that if Clarke had just resolved it.
Not as interesting as Entangled but the writing style still elegantly consistent.  A good book, just a few annoyances and consistencies to deal with. But good.


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