Oh wow. I was not expecting that. I kept putting it off every time I saw it in the library because I was afraid it was going to something totally different. But oh my days, it wasn’t. It was beautiful,  effortless, emotional and I loved it.

Daisy has died five times. Daisy has been revived five time. But each time she dies, she has to move and start a whole new life again. But when she moves to Ohama she does not want to die. She actually is having a life and does not want to do anything to jeopardise that.
The topic. I am so excited that that was the way it panned out. I think I was expecting some supernatural occurrence which the idea put me off, but to find out about some goverment drug made me giddy with excitment. I adored reading about it, and added a whole other element. I just wanted to read on and on and I think that was the main priority of my urge to read non stop.
The amount that was covered in the book was phenomenal. Yet, I did not feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount as they were all beautiful tied together in a way that I thought fitted wonderfully. It meant the pace was kept and I had no reason to stop and think ‘this is dull’. I just wanted to read and read and read and was gutted when I was forced to stop at times.
The writing was absolutely wonderful and so easy to carry in reading with. I mimicked the flow that I found when reading The Originals, so Cat Patrick has a wonderful technique. It also reminded me of another Cat’s writing; Cat Clarke. Both so effortless to read and I love it.
The bit that got me the most was the feels that were constantly threaded throughout the entire book. Oh man the feels, I could shamelessly feel myself welling up at  page 227 (I don’t want to spoil it) and have not had a book do that to me in a while. So congrats, Cat. The sadness was pinpointed perfectly, and executed in such a good manner. I’m jealous of those writing skills.

The characters, I adored every single one of them. I thought they were all wonderfully relatable. I also adored the nonchalant way Megan was trangender. No big deal and I loved that. I did not mind the romance either, I actually found it pretty adorable but hush, because it did not overshadow everything. And I really appreciated that.
This book,  I love it so much. Perfectly executed in so many ways I do not know how to deal with this new found love. Cat Patrick,  I adore it and you have turned it into one of my very firm favourites.


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