I took some me time this weekend; bed and a book is absolutely beautiful. Which meant that I was able to get through a book much quicker than I have been able to lately. And alas, I have finished Ultraviolet, which I found strange and didn’t live up to my expectations.

Alison wakes up in a hospital unable to remeber anything. Prone to vicious bouts of violence to herself and others she is transferred to Pine Hill in order to get better. As she tries to piece together the events that lead her to being admitted she slowly remembers killing the girl she hated.
I really hoped that this book would be from the eye of a murderer. I don’t know why, I just thought it would be incredibly interesting. Hating on the popular girl, yes very cliqued but I was intrigued by the concept. But the further on in the book I got the more I just had to accept that it wasnt going to pan out that way.
What also captured me was the beautiful front cover. The purples and silvers blended together so wonderfully, it caught my eye in an instant. My favourite colour yay. And the title, I love it. Even if I felt ot was a tad off topic. Yes, it works well with her synaesthesia but I couldn’t relate it back to other issues raised.
I thought the address towards mental illness was a good path to take. Although a little a taken back at first, it was a different insight and I like that. However, I was incredibly annoyed with the use of aliens. Like stupidly. I thought it took the mick out of illness’ s like Sanjay’s and distracting fron the serious topic. Although it was different,  a new take, I really didn’t appreciate it.
The final chapter redeemed it thought, placing the ‘maybe’ back into the equation. It made me feel better about it.
I couldn’t really connect with any characters either and I thought that Alison and Faraday’s intended romance was a bit ridiculous. I did however like the range of people at Pine Wood.
I had so many bones to pick with books, flaws I couldn’t cope with. So whilst it sounded,  and looked promising I wasn’t particularly impressed.


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