Well, I am more than pleasantly surprised. I’ve put this book for so long and I have no idea why. After reading it, and it only really took me two days stop start I’m kicking myself a bit for not picking it up sooner.

With a duel narrative of Grace and Sam, it follows Grace’s fascination with the wolves that occupy the woods outside her home. When a local boy goes missing, suspicion and accusations are placed firmly on the wolves. Much to Grace’s dismay. And when a naked and injured Sam turns up on Grace’s doorstep, Grace’s affiliation with the wolves become a whole lot deeper.
I’ve finished this book with a good feeling in my stomach, not one like Slated or Divergent, but one that I’ve just finished a pretty epic book. A feeling that I love and strive for. I thought the writing was excellent, I never really stopped and thought why are you telling me this. I wanted to carry on reading.
I enjoyed the ending much more than the begining but I think that was because there was a lot to explain, whereas I do generally prefer the conclusions, the sewing of all the lose ends together beautifully. Maggie dealt with the characters I despised in the right way *trying not to write a spoiler* and that made me a happy bunny. I love it when an author does that.
I really liked the characters of Grace and Sam, they weren’t too annoying or obnoxious. There were some points in the book where I thought there was too much focus on the romance aspect. When Sam is showing Grace the house and wood for the first time, I thought yes, we are getting somewhere interesting but then they had a *moment* which spoiled it for me a bit. Or it maybe because I was being a grumpy anti-love person that I am. Because towards the end, the connection bewteen them was cute. *oh man, what is happening to me D:*
I also think Maggie got the right balance between distribution of focus of character. I didn’t really stop and think, ‘actually I want more out of that character.’ Or ‘hang on, what are they doing here?!’. And that I really liked.
So, Maggie Stiefvater I think Shiver is a pretty dandy book which has left me in a rather chapper mood and I congratulate you in that. I thinks it is time for me to pop down to the library and get Linger out. Can’t wait.


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