Twenty four hours later and I’ve read it. Now, to be honest although Linger wasn’t as bright as Shiver, it still held a pretty tall light. It still made me want to carry on reading it. Still engrossed with Grace and Sam. But unfortunately the pit of my stomach does not hold the same feeling as it did when I finished Shiver.
Sam and Grace are together, as they want to be. In each others’ pockets and making plans for a future they can have. But with Grace’s parents taking more interest in the their daughter’s life, their shine to Sam has begun to recede. And with dangerous secrets and werewolf pasts, time can only tell if they can live like this for much longer. With Grace changing too, in ways that can only be bad, finding happiness is harder than they thought.
When I first read the prologue, I was confused a bit. Introduction of Cole by a mention of a name. Grace’s struggle brought immediately. No explanation of happening from the end of the first book. Yes, it was nice to draw my own conclusions but sure was confusing at first.
However, the writing was as wonderful as the first book. Flows and intrigues, didn’t find myself reading over paragraphs to get stuff. Beautiful. There were points though in the book where I just wanted to skip. I don’t know if I was just tired or these bits just went on a bit. Maybe it was because I found so parts irrelevant, placed to fill rather than expand the story.
I absolutely loved the multi narrative though. Thought it was brilliant. The easy transition, I liked knowing what different characters thought of the same scenario, it worked so well. I think that was what this book had over Shiver, interweaving voices within chapters. I loved it! Although I did have to remind myself at some points who’s thoughts were who’s.
Sam and Grace, still cute and I liked them. I wanted a Sam of my own, so sensitive. Cutest boy ever! One of my favourite characters I think. I appreciated his lyrics more in this book too. I think Isabel was developed so well in this book too. I liked her so much better, a different character that added flavour. As for Cole, ergh. I understand his role, but he just annoyed and I didn’t like him. Enough said.
So, Maggie whilst this isn’t as awesome as Shiver it brings aspects that do outshine it, but I felt the storyline a bit too stretch out and long winded. Still good though. Looking forward to checking out Forever.


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