It’s done. I’m finished. I’ve put the book down and I’m pretty sad. I didn’t realise how much I had invested into the series until I finished page four hundred and eighty nine with a heavy feeling in my stomach, a sadness that I had finished the series.

The final chapter in Grace and Sam’s lovely tale, and Sam is lost. He doesn’t like life on the other side, waiting for Grace is painful. With Grace’s changes unpredictable still, Sam just has to help as best he can. But that is the least of their worries. Tom Culpepe has got a bigger hunting plan to wipe the entire pack. Sam’s entire family. And this time it means Grace too.
It felt like I was back with old friends. As soon as I started reading, they felt familiar, no changes that I had to get used to which was fabulous for me.
Third book, I think I liked the best. Rounding off, exploring character dimensions more and extended plots that didn’t revolve around love, like the heavy influence of the hunt. It interested me in a way I didn’t imagine. My heart was in my throat reading the chase. By the end, I honestly felt so emotionally invested, which I didn’t think I was. And I liked that the book done that to me.
The ending; pretty good for a closing finale. Not definite but pretty heavily hinted. Although I was a bit taken back by the time shift. Had to check the page before that I hadn’t missed something.
The writing, still wonderful. It flowed. I liked it. And the interweaving narratives have grown on me even more. I felt better having a well rounded grasp of the story. And also being hit a couple of times with shocks of ‘ah right okayyy’.
I’ve decided Isabel my favourite character, just took me three books to decide. I preferred reading chapters narrated by her, maybe because she was the only full human. She was so much more likable in this book. But then, I actually think all of them were. But then that may be because I’ve invested time with them.
I liked that it brought all the characters together again. Ones that were a tad ignored in the second book wereused and tied off in this book. And I really liked that, shown they weren’t forgotten and had a purpose. Characters like Rachel and Beck. And I think this was a contributing factor to me loving this book more.
Also, I liked Cole more in this one. More. dimensional and more narrative. I understood him better and I liked that.
So, Maggie Stiefvater thank you. This series was pretty fabulous, the final book making me realise how invested I was in it. I have no real criticism, a perfect finale to a pretty awesome series. I’m just sad that it is the end, regardless of how much I liked the ending.


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