Oh. Just, oh wow. That was definitely not what I was expecting from this book when I picked it up. But after finishing it within today I have not had a book that has hit all the right marks in a while. This book had so many feels within it, I just felt that it was written with such a beautiful eloquence to it. The topic, the way it was portrayed, absolutely amazing.

Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her chest, leading to life full of doctor’s appointments, procedures and constant tests. Amanda is a successful  competitive gymnast, Miss Perfect to everyone she is around. And whilst these girls do not know each other, their loves are about to collide.

I really enjoyed the way it was written. I was not expecting the transgression from third to first person but I found it gave me a greater understanding of the positions whoever you were reading about were in. I found myself reading each part differently and instead of being annoying I found it incredibly helpful. The use of letters etc, was another interactive way to read, and found it to be more emotional that way. The direct address had more emotion built into  it and felt even more personal than the use of I and I really appreciated that. The storyline was carried to just the right point. I felt what was covered was covered amazingly well, with no useless bits and the ending felt appropriate and at the right time. Jill, the choice of positioning was absolutely wonderful.

The topic chosen was not one I had really encountered before, yet the portrayal that had been put forward felt just right. The choice to use both sides of the transplant was very wise, as I felt I had a much larger picture of what was going on. Empathy was felt at a greater level for both members and I really appreciated it. Although I was not expecting the book to begin that way, the tone felt right. It allowed for a better development in the long run. There was no dithering, which was good.

The choice of characters, I believe were wonderful. And the way they were portrayed kept me engaged. They dealt with grief and pain in a way that did not sound whiny, and with all of the characters mentioned I felt engaged by them. At not one point did I want them to stop talking and move to another, I found all aspects interesting and I think was so engaging about this wonderful novel.

This book felt like a breath of fresh air. I found it refreshing, meaningful and utterly emotional. It was brilliantly executed and has left me feeling good inside. Jill Wolfson, this book is amazing. Thank you.


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