Well, that was different. That was interesting. I did not find it incredibly engaging or face paced, but I adored the whole idea of the novel. It was executed okay, I quite enjoyed reading it but it was not mind blowing. Just a pretty cool storyline.

Addie is a Searcher. One big decision and she can look into the future and see both outcomes. So, when her parents ambush her with the news of their divorce and who she wants to live with, so conducts a search. To remain in the compound with her mother, or live in the Norm’s world with her father. She thinks the decision will be easy, but the six week search proves otherwise and it remains which reality she is willing to live with.

When I picked up the storyline did not sound as half as intriguing as I thought I was. But the idea of following realities is something that I always thought should happen. And this book did it wonderfully. I loved how the events played out. It was a really enticing plot line, increased by the world of mind powers rather than just a single anomaly. And the way the plot unfolded aided it really well. The alternating chapters that mirrored the future outcomes was really well executed. Although the first couple of chapters I was a bit confused, I got into the swing of it and really enjoyed it. Especially when the chapters carried on the events in the other universe. I was intriguing to see West’s perception of alternate realities. And one I really felt I got to grips with.

I loved that they were quintessentially superpowers. It just made me reading whole lot more interested than I originally had been. I really enjoyed the concept of the compound as I felt it was fresh, especially with direct correlation to the real world. It was intriguing to read about. Additionally, the characters and their powers were captivating too, and how they used their mind powers. Even so, I felt the norm’s were well portrayed too, and that characters like Rowan were investigative towards Lincoln High, rather than just being portrayed as the dumb and oblivious human. It gave them more depth, and I appreciated that because otherwise it may have been a bit dull reading that reality.

However, I felt the pace was pretty slow in this book. I felt that there was a lack of action, and despite reading it pretty quickly, I was not hurried y the narrative which I would have liked to have been. And I think this slowness is what made me not fully engage with the text in the way I should have.

I found the concept and portrayal of this novel fascinating and well thought out. And whilst it was interesting I am not desperate to get my hands on Split Second. I would like to read it, but only if I stumble across it. Good plot though. And the cover looked pretty awesome too.


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