Got this out of the library because it seemed intriguing. And whilst it took twists and turns that I no where near expected,  I’m looking forward to the next book,  which I’ve already started.

A plane crash in the middle of the ocean remarkably has a sole survivor. One that should not have. But she has no memory or recollection of who she is and perplexed by everything around her. All she wants is answers but her encounters just add to the questions.
Firstly I found Unforgotten, and realised I had to read this first. Initially when I first picked up this book the cover I did not find appealing. The colours and images just do not match. And the name did not sit right in my tongue either. I much preferred the look and sound of Unforgotten. But we will get past the aesthetics.
The storyline seemed interesting. I mean, amnesia and missing memories always do feel appealing. I like the mystery and this novel did not fail that.
I did guessed some aspects, such as the mechanical nature of her wrist scanners, but others totally blew me off path. Directions I did not expect to happen at all.
I mean, time travel. That sure came out of no where. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but I really appreciated Maxxer’s explanation of it. Made it fit to the story without it having to go off on a tangent, or even off genre.
The way the memory loss was approached was interesting too. I like the who lack of social skills and random retaining. A different but approach I enjoyed reading about.
I likes the characters too, even if it did take me a while to sort out trust and roles. I adore the colour of Sera’s eyes. I also adore the characteristics of Zen and Maxxer and think they really add to the story. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but I just like them. Although, I bet will all change next time.
I am sparked by this but not as much as I thought I would be. Interesting story and good portrayal. Jessica Brody, I am liking.


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