After a hectic week I finally finished this book this afternoon. And to be fair, I was engaged throughout despite aspects that I thought would put me off. I liked it because it just kept giving me surprises and unexpected turns. Jessica Brand, a good job once again.

Sera and Zen have managed to escape to 1609 where they’ve been able to hide from Diotech, living the simple life. But with Sera finding it harder and harder to keep her true force underwraps, she does not know how long she and Zen can stay in hiding until they are caught up again.
The story carried on the story smoothly from the previous book. References were being made to the narrative before but not forced down the throat so was appreciative of that.
However, the writing felt a bit clunky at times. Like, some bits could have been reworded and I found myself re-reading sentences to make sense of them. It did not happen often but was a shame when it did, like it needed a bit more work maybe. the narrative felt a bit slow in Maxxer’s place but picked up again quickly once Sera was removed.
I was afraid of them travelling back in time as it may have bored me a bit but actually 1609 was kept interesting despite my fears. I was interested in their life still without it going too horrifically historical but had just the right balance which was good.
All the twists were well placed. At places where I would start to get a bit tired it would suddenly pick up once more with a development, and glad they were placed where they were. For some reason I really liked the introduction of Kealan, a character that felt fresh and needed for the narrative. I really liked his character and the way he was portrayed, however the connection between him and Sera felt a tad overdone. I was however, happy to back to Cody again and glad the story went down that route. Good choice.
I was not perfect, but the storyline is pretty strong and I enjoy reading abojt it and honestly am interested to see where it goes next. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.


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  1. theryanlanz says:

    This book looks interesting.


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