A beastly train ride home led me into the world of immortality in the Amazon. With beautiful descriptions and even intriguing storyline, this book was a beautiful as it’s front cover.

Pia is the first. And it is her destiny to carry on the line, create more like herself. Immortal. Being raised by a team in the Amazin rainforest, sheltered from the outside world, her only goal is to carry on the scientific goals. However,  a gap in the fence and an intriguing boy Eio makes Pia question whether her destiny is actually what she wants.
I actually can not get over how beautiful this front cover is. It is so pretty and intricate, but simply embodies the whole story at the same time. I love it.
This book, oh my. The writing was absolutely wonderful. The imagery was fantastic and the beginning of the bpok really indugled me, I totally got lost and adored that it could do that to me.
I loved the story line too. I thought it was going to be similar to Unremembered as the protagonists seemed similar but the route this was taken down was pretty much polar opposite, and achieved it so well. I was engrossed from the beginning and whilst the ending felt a floppy, I still found myself engaged the entire length.
Being captivating from the beginning was what kept me engrossed in the end. Also, the identity of Eio’s father, I totally guessed right away.
I did find the names annoying to read, brushing owver a lot of them because I could not pronouce them properly in my head. However I did not get muddled up with anyone and highly commend Jessica for that.
I really liked the feel of this book and the way the beginning captured me so much. The imagery was beautiful and what really made this book stand out.


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  1. I’m half way through this novel at the moment and am glad to see a similar opinion floating out there on the internet… Thanks for posting 🙂


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