My Kindle and a quiet train ride home last night let me finish this book that usually I wouldn’t approach. Claiming it off amazon a few months back I decided to read it on my long train ride home last night. Intriguing with numerous twists and a fabulous approach to issues dealt within meant this book needed to be written about.

Sixteen year old Anna has been deserted by her flaky mother and placed in the care of her loving uncle Phil. Used to a life of squalor and neglect, her uncle showers her in everything she could ever dream of. And with Anna becoming smitten with Alex, her next door neighbour, she finally sees that life can be stable and happy. However, with her mother’s whereabouts unknown, and Alex hiding a secret that has already teared his family part once, Anna’s happiness may be short lived.

Now, I was honestly expecting some deep supernatural twist to this story. I don’t know why, maybe it was the way it was written, or just because that is what I liked in a book and expected that when I started reading it as I didn’t remember the blurb. It was just that all the hints to Alecx’s secret made me think it was darker than what it was. Despite that, there were a ridiculous amount of twists and turns. All dropped in so causally, there were maybe a few too many, especially the last one regardless of it allowing for the protagonists to start to resolve their differences.

The time kept jumping inconsistently. From one paragraph to another months would fly by with the statement of a sentence, and I found it a bit distracting. At some points I did get bored reading about the increasing development of Anna and Alex’s relationship. I find romance and stuff like that so damn boring! However, it was long, maybe a page or too where I got fed up, before a twist occurred. Hey, maybe that is a bonus of the frequent twists!

What I adored about the book though was the casual nature of Alex’s revelation. I seriously sat on the train, wide mouthed. Was so not expecting it!


Dealing with gender issues is obviously a cautious subject, but the way it was handled so lightly was wonderful. Creating an almost perfect relationship between Anna and Alex proves that anyone in that situation is just a person, leaving the reader with no idea of Alex’s past. Even mushier, love conquers regardless of who you are.  Alex is portrayed as a perfectly normal guy, and these are how transgender people are, only trapped in the wrong body. A subject I am interested in, I thought it was dealt with fabulously, I really commend the Allie Gail for it. It is definitely a subject that needs more awareness, this book the ideal proof of it.

This book, although not under the category I usually go for is excellent in dealing with the subjects it approaches. They are dealt with sensitively and in a great understanding, but still written in a way you wouldn’t expect. Despite the numerous (and sometimes overuse) of twists, it did make it more exciting to read, especially as they weren’t placed in ways where you were expecting them to come. I would definitely recommend it, it is an important read, especially towards the end.

And Allie Gail, please do a sequel or something. I want to see how they deal with life after they have readjusted!


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