I can’t believe it has been a year since I had the pleasure and opportunity of interviewing the absolutely wonderful author, Allie Gail on ‘Wallflowers aren’t Wizards’. To commemorate the anniversary I’ve uploaded her again for all to see. Enjoy!

Author Allie Gail
Allie’s first book ‘Unconventional Scars’ was the spark that ignited this blog in the first place, and the first review on here, so what better author to interview than one so inspiring and pinnacle to the making of this blog.
 Allie currently resides in sunny Florida. She has four inspiring books published at the moment; Unconventional Scars, Winter’s Touch (Immortal Touch #1), Fire and Ash (Immortal Touch #2) and Burning Down the House. 

“It’s my desire for readers to leave their comfort zone and experience something unique and sometimes a bit edgy.”

First off, and probably the typical question that you get asked by everybody, but what made you get into writing?

Honestly, it all started as a whim. One day out of the blue I got this crazy notion to try writing a book, just to see if I could. I used to come up with these short stories and silly cartoons back in high school (ahem, when I should have been studying – it was more appealing to daydream) but after one college course in creative writing, I never bothered making any attempt to cultivate this interest. You know how it goes – daily life gets in the way. Oddly, once I started I discovered that this was something I enjoyed immensely and it wasn’t long before the whole thing became somewhat of an obsession. I’ve always had an overactive imagination and writing is the perfect way to unleash all those ideas and characters and set them free! Plus, it’s just plain fun. I’m hopelessly addicted. Send me to writers rehab.

Is there anyone who influenced you and your writing?
If I had to choose just one author whose voice influenced me, I’d have to give credit to Judy Blume. I grew up with her books and always adored them. Her characters were charming, funny and so easy to relate to – they were imbued with everyday fears and flaws and insecurities. I want my characters to have that authentic feel as well.

“I want my characters to have that authentic feel as well.”

Was there a reason that you chose to write for young adult fiction?
The idea of teens learning to face adult challenges for the first time is intriguing. Maybe because at that age everything is so uncharted and new. Progressing from adolescence into adulthood is a fascinating chapter in life, but it can also be tumultuous and riddled with uncertainties.

What is your greatest writing accomplishment to date?
I’m just overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to have my work published and in the hands of readers who might find it entertaining. That in itself is something I never would have envisioned two years ago when this journey first began.

Unconventional Scars Book Cover

Am I right in thinking that ‘Unconventional Scars’ was your first published book? What made you write such a diverse novel first?

Yes, Unconventional Scars was my first book!
I actually started off with the intention of creating a sweet and simple YA romance but quickly realized that I did crave diversity. I wanted something offbeat, controversial, unexpected. If you’ll notice, all my books contain characters that are in one way or another “outside the box”. It’s my desire for readers to leave their comfort zone and experience something unique and sometimes a bit edgy.

“a diverse selection of YA subject matter is necessary”

Do you feel there is a lack of these topics in young adult fiction today?
I couldn’t say whether there’s a lack since I’m not really sure what all is available right now in the YA fiction market. But I do believe that more and more of today’s young adults are facing some very atypical challenges – not just gender identity issues but problems like abuse, eating disorders, depression and the list goes on. I think a diverse selection of YA subject matter is necessary so those who enjoy reading can find a topic they relate to, and maybe not feel quite so isolated in their struggles.

Your Immortal Touch series leans more toward the paranormal; is this something you prefer to write about, or did you just fancy a change in topic?
Oh, I’m a total genre-jumper! It all depends on which characters are making the most noise at the time. I took a sabbatical from the paranormal to do Burning Down the House (which is new adult romantic suspense) because I couldn’t get that particular story out of my head. Now that I’m done with that, I plan to continue with the Immortal Touch series.

Which type of books do you prefer to read in your spare time?
Spare time? What is this “spare time” you speak of?
Seriously though, my shelves are crammed with a wide variety. Horror (thank you, Stephen King), romance (as long as it isn’t cheesy, no heaving bosoms please), lots of World War II memoirs, humor (Erma Bombeck, for example), all sorts of anthologies, *cough*erotica*cough*, and for those days when I’m too distracted to invest in a full novel there’s a collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and Garfield to make me smile.

And last but not least, what are your future plans for your writing?
To keep the keys on my keyboard smoking! The next project on my list is the third installment in the Immortal Touch series. Asher Reid is my all-time favorite character to write about because he’s so deliciously sadistic and twisted. Hmm, what do you suppose that says about me…?

It was such a pleasure interviewing Allie Gail. We loved the answers she gave, found it very insightful and want to thank her massively. If you want to find more out about the author Allie Gail check out her Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads pages. Or check out her books, all available from Amazon, which we would definitely recommend you do!


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