Hmm. Whilst this book was not really my cup of tea, with the whole focus on love and all, but I’ve finished it feeling pretty fresh. I like the issues it has dealt with and think that is why I feel pretty alright about it.

When Jenna is horrifically burnt in a car crash that killed her best friend she struggles to rebuild her life. She hates the staring, just wanting to hide away. But when traveller Ryan sees more, he teaches her to love who she is.
The main reason I decided to check this book out of the library was mainly in hope to aid my uni blog. The concept of struggling with beauty was one that I found particluarly interesting. I like the title, I kept getting drawn to this book for that reason. I thought the cover was simplistic and fitted well too. However, the most off putting aspect for me, and the numerous reasons I rejected it before hand was the tag line, ‘nothing burns like first love.’ However, it was not too overwhelming once I read it.
My fears were reassured by the way that Jarratt approached Jenna’s and Ryan’s relationship. There was a lot of distance initally and I was glad of the lack of burning passion usually depicted in this type of novel. I liked that it alsobhad a heavy element of mystery when involving Steven Carlise. And that took more of my attention. Even so, I thought that Jenna and Ryan were protrayed wonderfully and were really good protagonists.
I loved that you were able to get both sides of their stories, it was intriguing. However, I sometimes struggled to remeber who was narrating as their voices sounded the same.
Apart from that,  I was pleasently surprised by this book. Well done, Laura. Although it definitely has not turned me to romance what so ever. This balance was just fine.


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