This isn’t just a review. It is a epic rave of how awesome and wonderful this book is. Once you read it, you will realise my need to be so loving towards this genius of a book. I promise you.

Now first off, I was hooked by the first page. Yes, the first page. The way it was written, I knew it was written for me and damn I needed to devour that book fast. Only a few exception have done this to me *ahem* Uglies and Need. That is right, not even The Hunger Games had this control over me. And man, the grip it had was tiggghhhttttt. My brain just needed it. So much happened, I just wanted to know more.

For those of you that haven’t read the book (and pllleaasseee do, it is epic!) you see the futuristic Chicago through the eyes of sixteen year old Beatrice Prior. The city has been split into five factions, each attributing to a human quality; Abnegation ( selfless), Amity ( peaceful), Candor (honest), Dauntless (brave),  and Erudite (intelligent). All sixteen years partake in ‘The Choosing’, the point at which they dedicate their life to a specific faction, they can choose to stay with their family in the one they were born into, or chose another which they feel they will fit in better. With Beatrice being labelled Divergent, in which she has to keep a deadly secret, her choice is harder than most as she attains more than one strong quality. The decisions she makes at the choosing surprises and alters not only her life, but those around her too. The challenges she faces ahead are hard, and when she discovers a secret that could destroy the peace throughout the societies, her secret may be the key to saving those who she loves most.

So, yeah it may sound a bit Hunger Gamesish, but trust me when I was reading it, it is definitely in its own league.

Weaving the explanations of society in rather than bombarding with information I found  so much better, I was just thrown information and it was easy to digest. The pace of the book was constant, at no point did I just want to skip at all. The vivid imagery used was vibrant. I could really picture the scenery. The description of the characters were a bit vague, but I didn’t really mind as I was living it through their eyes. I really felt their emotion when events didn’t turn their way.

And the use of tattoos; so awesome! 

I read this in under 12 hours, stopping, starting and doing stuff inbetween. I wanted to read it quicker but my eyes wouldn’t let me. This book has climbed to one of firm favourites and I can not wait to get my hands on Insurgent, I seriously can’t!. I’m so pleased I got it out of the library and was enlightened with it’s excellence.And please read if you haven’t, you will not be disappointed.

Veronica Roth, thank you for enlightening my life with this book. You Rock so much!


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