I finished reading Insurgent last night and can safely say this series is turning into one of my firm favourites. Although I still think Divergent was a little bit better (I mean, I find sequels never live up to par, although this one was a close call), this sequel still made me squeal in excitement as I read it. Yes, it actually did.

I practically skipped home from the library once I got it out, I made a special trip just to purely retreive this book. I couldn’t focus on one I had started knowing that Insurgent was out there waiting to be read. Although, it took me slightly longer than a day to read because I had the company of my sisters, any spare time I had I found myself reaching for the book, just edging a couple of more pages here and there. And I was not disappointed by this brilliant sequel whatsoever.

Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Peter and Marcus travel to Amity to join the other Abnegation refugees. Tris is still comsumed with grief over the death of her parents and the guilt of shooting Will, her emotions are all over the place. Hiding the truth behind Will’s death from everyone puts her on edge, and concerns that the deciet will break her relationship with Tobias. But she also fears that he is hiding secrets from her too. With her emotions conflicting, her factions disintergrating and relationships beyond breaking, Tris choices could make or break her entire life and everyone aroun her.

This book has a different tone, one of heartbreak and survivial rather than new experiences. The harsh environment of the ending of the first book engulf this narrative entirely.Introduction of other faction leaders whose appearence is striking let me understand the world that they live in better. The way the other factions acted and were was fascinating. I felt much more intruged by their socitey this time, than just solely Tris’ journey.

Tris’ relationship with Tobias is always tetering, one moment they are happy, the next something happens to rock it. I think this was the only bit where I was like ‘get a grip, just decide people!’ They got me as conflicted as they were. However, their loyalty was lovely, and bordered cute. Definitely need a Tobias in my life!

There were so many different twists and turns, which to be honest I was not expecting. I loved it. It wasn’t too jumbled either, I could keep track. Sometimes, even though I had promised myself to stop at a chapter I just had to continue as I couldn’t leave reading at such a dramatic point.

The revelation of information that had been leading up throughout the entire book, and end of the last one was good, but I felt it could have been focused on more. I felt the book ended too abruptly, but perhaps that is just me being sour that the final book isn’t out yet.

Overall, Veronica Roth you have pleased me once again with an equally epic sequel. I LOVED it. Ocotber just needs to hurry up now. Allegiant, please. I need more Tris and Tobias in my life!


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  1. Great review! Allegiant came out about two years ago.


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