You utterly wondrous, beautiful specimen. I’ve finished feeling happy and sad at the same time, and let me tell you a book hasn’t emotionally drained me that much in a while.  You may have taken me a while to get through, what with all my work and shizzle. But my oh my, I thoroughly enjoyed you. I couldn’t wait to read you, even to the point of buying you. Yeap, I found the series that awesome and am SO pleased to say the final of this epically brilliant trilogy did not disappoint.

The factioned society that Tris grew up in has disintegrated after Edith Prior’s revelation. The factionless have swarmed in and taken over, with Evelyn now leading. But with her vision to wipe out any sign of factions not boding well with faction supports, a secret group of the Allegiant is formed. So when Tris and Tobias get the chance to go beyond the fence into the unknown world to go in hope of a new life together, full of simplicity and absent of lies. But when they discover a new reality, one far more complicated than the one they left behind, the battle against truth, courage and the ones they love tear them apart once more.

Ah, I am so happy and sad at the same time. Ridiculously sad that I have finished the book, but glad that it took me so long to read so that I could savour it, unlike the others which I devoured within a day. But, let me tell you, I was so pleased with the unconventional ending, it was awesome. Although, I did have a slight feeling that something big like that was going to happen. Just those intuitions, you know the dual narrative and all. Especially as, although I liked the reviews that popped up on  reader I didn’t read them through fear of spoiling such an amazing book. so, sorry. But I was just so happy that it ended unconventionally, and I think that is the main reason for loving this final book. Ahh.

I really liked the beginning and where it went. I didn’t feel that it disconnected from the other books, it flowed and I fell straight back into the characters. It took a little bit of time of getting my head around Tobias’ narrative, but I loved the alternate vantage point. For the beginning especially it really rounded it out. I liked that you got both factionless and allegiant view points.

I loved where it was heading. The airport was awesome and the revelations of why they were there enthralled me. Yes, it could have been a lot better built up, but to be fair I felt it fitted in with the narrative and easily accepted it. Equally,  I fell in love with the idea of how the factions arose. I thought it was well thought up and executed, however would have liked more knowledge maybe. Saying that, Tris’ mother’s diary enhanced the narrative so much and I really liked it.

In the middle of the book I was getting a bit fed up with Tris and Four. Their ‘will they, won’t they?’ routine got a bit tiring and it was at this point, Tobias’ narrative started to annoy me as he was more drippy than Tris! I hoped he would bring more shape to his character, instead he seemed weaker, and think this narrative needed a little more work.

Saying that, it was sandwiched by utterly brilliance, as I felt that Tobias’ narrative at the end was beautiful and heartfelt. Verionca Roth really pulled it out of the bag right there. So much so I genuinely thought I was going to well up on bus. It was crazy, but I think that is why I adored the ending so much. And the unconventionality of it. Totally my kind of thing, genius!

So whilst I am totally gutted that I have finished this book, *sob* this trilogy I think this was definitely one of my favourite ‘final’ books I have ever read. Mockingjay should be quivering in shame at it.And I believe it was beacuase it the beginning and end were the bread of genuis, it ended my kind of way and I loved it. Excuse me now, whilst I get my emotions back into order. *sigh*


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  1. bluejaybooks says:

    Nice review! I personally am torn on my feelings towards this book, but it is interesting to read a review from the perspective of someone who loved it.


  2. I really loved the book and am really looking forward for the movie which is coming out on March 18, 2016. I personally think the book Divergent and Four are her best creations, as well as the ending of Allegiant, which was written in Four’s perspective. It was nice to hear of his feelings towards Tris after she dies… ❤


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