Taking a blast from my earlier teenage years with these two Sophie McKenzie books.

Theo never grew up believing his father was dead, but when he finds out that he is alive he is determined to find him. His searches land him upon lost and lonely Rachel who is always in the shadow of her dead sister. However, when they both get attacked by RAGE at the school disco, they both discover their pasts are more connected than they thought.

Theo and Rachel have been relocated to other sides of the world, told to cease contact. However, determined they meet up every week on a chat room. But when Rachel does not show up one week Theo embarks on a quest to find her and their pasts come back to haunt them once again.

As with every Sophie McKenzie book I have read, I always remember the beginning of the book very vividly. Straight into engaging me with events, the beginnings just stick in my mind even if the rest of the book does not follow suit.

With this sequel is unveils more secrets which I was expecting to be pulled out of the bag. Sophie knows how to keep the action going, and I am so glad. I did not question any routes that were taken, and was kept enthused throughout the rest of the book. I was afraid that the sequel would loose the surprises and engagement the first provided but instead I was kept entertained throughout.

I loved the topic decided for these books, I always do and I was not disappointed. I love the way that authors shape the way the evolve cloning and McKenzie was no different. I was intrigued by the battle between the for and against companies in the first book and loved the expansion of work in the second and I think this is why I loved both of these books.

I really liked the characters in these books too, and loved that they were pretty consistent throughout the two books. There were deaths, but not unnecessary death. Ones that felt right and fuelled hatred or love for a character. I do like both Rachel and Theo, although felt the romantic inclination was a little clichéd. However, I do loved that they were put on the backburner when action was required rather than it being consistently being thrusted in my face.

Sophie McKenzie, these books have the same great qualities as your ‘Girl, Missing’ series, keeping me engaged throughout and always a pleasure to go back and read. And as for the topic, I adore it!


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