I was genuinely really excited for this book because I adore Cat Patrick. To be fair, I read it quickly and felt the need to keep reading, but the story in general which I feared may not have been what I tend to like overshadowed the writing a bit too much for me.

Caroline’s Gram is her rock. So when she is called into hospital and the outlook is not bright, Caroline is devastated. After numerous days of being by her bedside, Caroline’s best friend proposes she takes a break and attends a party for just one night. And whether she stays or goes affects her a lot.
I found the story flowed really easily but not did not have the typical thrill that usually accompanies that kind of style. It was almost too flat.
It did not help that the story line was a tad dull either. Although some points were good but felt they led no where and was left with many resolutions I needed answering and they were left brushed aside.
The alternating narrative of the two options were what I liked, a similar aspect to Pivot Point, but Just Like Fate was easier to grasp straight away. At some points though, I did have to question what she knew in which reality. But then I suppose you are going to get that with any alternating narratives.
The character were meh. None really stuck in my mind. Shame.
I think because of the high expectations I had placed on this book it did not enthuse me as much as it should have done. The storyline fell a little flat but I was kept engaged throughout. Although, Cat Patrick I definitely prefer your other works.


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  1. I have read this book too… I did really like the message it carried… Yes, character sketch wasn’t very good.. But it’s a good book with a decent ending!
    Great review!


    1. Charlotte says:

      Thanks! Think I definitely prefer Cat Patrick’s other works to this one. But still, a good read.


      1. Can you suggest me some of her books to read?


      2. Charlotte says:

        Sure! My favourite of hers is The Originals – that was how I first heard of Cat Patrick. Then I’ve also read Revived, which is soo good, and Forgotten. I always like to keep an eye out for her books when I’m out and about. You’ll be in for a treat!


      3. Oh.. Thank you! I’ll definitely try getting them to read!


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