Laying on the beach I thought I would crack on with this book, highly recommended. And with a few hours I’d finished it, confused as to whether I thought it was amazing or outrageous.

Ryan is spending the summer with his friends in Katie’s Spanish villa, he hopes it will be relaxing, especially after not seeing his friends for year. Not since Janey’s suicide. But Ryan suspects there was foul play when Janey ‘fell’ off the cliff, and when an unexpected rocks up his suspicions may be confirmed.
Storyline and plot were intersting but I was not fully taken in by them. They just kept getting more and more obsurd. At the begining I was intrigued and the mystery surrounding it all was well placed but the more revelations that were unravelled, the less I felt involved in the storyline.
The way it was written was different and I appreicated the recognition to satire. Comparisons to a televsion show kept me entertained and I liked the way Ryan kept reflecting. It gave a different edge to it, one I had mot read before. I also liked the interchangeable narrator as everyone’s security was never there and really appreciated it, especially at the end. Mystery secured by that.
I was not a massive fan of all the characters but liked the mix that had been used. Different perspectives were great and although stereotypical, worked wonders with the narrative.
The final scene, although climatic, felt a tad far fetched for me. I understood that that was what the book was building up to but I felt the reasoning was a bit flat. But that’s personal preference to be honest.
It was an enjoyable read, different and entertaining. I mostly enjoyed it and the way it was presented. An easy summer read.


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  1. Pam says:

    Love LOVE that cover!


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