Well, that took me longer than I hoped. I thought it should have been incredibly interesting and action packed, and whilst it was different, I just felt it didn’t have the kick I oh so needed.

Women all over the world after the deadly MDS virus spread globally. No woman can get pregnant without dying, and there is wide spread panic as the human race dangles. With her father a researcher, Jessie decides she wants to make a difference and make her life count. Even if it means sacrificing herself.
Colours in the cover are definitely what drew me to this book. They are beautiful.
The beginning was good, I was hooked and interest in the first fifty pages which made me happy. I hate when a book takes forever to get into.

The intermitting chapters that change time were confusing at first, and I found myself flipping pages at times, confused. I felt dragged out as it kept going over and over stuff. Too repetitive for my liking.

I thought it was a really good concept with all the different organisations and solutions, but it felt bitty towards the end  and unfinished. It felt like it needed a bit more love to tie up endings in a clear manner.

This book is different, and has a good take and perspective. However, it dragged and I couldn’t engage with it.


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