I thought I would give this a chance as I felt I should let John Green have another chance. And whilst it was not as annoying as The Fault in Our Stars, I found it more likely, I am definitely not a fan of John Green and his writing. Sorry.

Quentin is neighbours with Margo and whilst they used to be best friends,  now Seniors Quentin only admires her from afar. That is until one night she drags him on campaign of revenge. Only she is not there the next day and Quentin takes it upon himself to find the girl he loves.
That book was slow. Like walking through mud, striding through syrup. I mean it took me a heck of a lot longer to read than it should have done. Yes, it was a day, but that was like 6 hours of constant reading this evening. It should have not taken that long at all! I don’t know if it was because the plot was slow, was just boring to read or I just do not get on with John Green’s writing style.
Margo. The must annoying character I have ever have the displeasure of reading about. Seriously, ergh. I despised that the novel centred around here, I found her boring to read about and so self-centred. The only time I found her interesting was when completing the revenge tasks. But, still. She annoyed me and is one of the reasons why I got frustrated with this book.

Another reason, Quentin. I seriously felt like constantly shouting at this boy, ‘Quit whilst you are ahead!’. He was fine to read about normally but as soon as Margo was needed to be found he was desperate and lovelorn. And I could just not take that. He could have easily carried on with his more than funny friends, but no he just had to put a downer on everything to include her. Not cool. When I finally broke? When he frickin’ blew off his graduation to find her. I just could not cope. But at least it led to the pretty entertaining road trip.

The story is what definitely brought up this book. Not the main narrative, oh no but the side stories and sub-plots that kept me entertained. I liked the beginning, I was getting into the whole revenge at night action, until SeaWorld, then it lost it’s spark. I liked the retorts between his friends. I absolutely adored when he had to pick them up from the party. Hilarious drunks, and the point where I think John got it just right. His best friends, Ben and Radar made this book I think. The light needed into the soul sucking being that is Margo. And the twenty one hour road trip was fun to read about too. It had more pace than any other aspects of the book. These bits I liked because he was not constantly referring Margo. When he was talking about her, the writing became dull to read. The writing became too surreal for me at these times. And this is where I lost the plot with this book a bit.

This book had some funny bits, like I actually laughed out loud at ‘Ben Starling, you better not have bought your token black friend a racistshirt’ and the superglued beer sword, but the premise of Margo was draining and felt that the writing just made it go slowly than it should. I’m afraid I just am not a fan.


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