Finally got my hands in the Mara Dyer sequel and once again I’veĀ  been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs with this book. And the ending just makes me desperate for more.
Mara wakes up again, not sure where she is. Only to find herself in hospital. She is convinced Jude is back, she saw him at the train station but no one will believe. So much so, that her parents are forced to give her psychiatric help. However, there is one person who believes her. And who’s faith in her never wavers. Noah. But how can she convince everyone else she isn’t crazy when Jude is still out there.

Once again, I think this cover is stunning. The colours match the scene wonderfully. In awe once more.

Hmpft. I still can’t figure out if I am a fan of Mara or not. She does something and I love the character Hodkin is creating, and then she goes running back to Noah, completely useless, or said something idiotic and it makes me dislike her again. This instability is really confusing me.

Similarly, with Noah. At times he is an utter babe. But then other times he sort of creeps me out with his patience and devotion. It is almost too much. Is this something I’m meant to be hanging on to?

I felt this book fluctuated more, and could not find it’s footing or solidify it’s focus until the very end. I did appreciate the settings of the day centre, and found the characters there quite interesting. I just wish they had more about them! There was a very quick, although clever, transaction from day centre to full time patient. I liked that I was struggling to tell if Jude was a figment of Mara’s imagination or was actually real. That kept me going.

The ending was dramatic and explosive. It was really what the book needed to bring it back out. And because of that I am going to have to move straight onto the finale of this trilogy.


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